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How to sleep without fear

Spiritual practice

You will learn how to speak to yourself

Gods presence

How to speak to God

Who is Michael

My story begins 12 years ago when I got into a car accident. I miraculously survived and constantly lived in fear of death. tried rehabilitation, psychologists, pills, nothing helped. After all these attempts, I went into spiritual practice. And god looked at me. At that moment I realized that it was far from an easy task to feel the presence of God. But if I succeed, everyone will succeed. All fears are gone, I live in ministry. I get up every morning and I know that someone is looking at me.

How to Begin

This is a difficult practice for many years, but if you wish, I can teach you. I personally started with books. You need to understand what is God, who is God, have an idea, understanding. And if you want to touch him, it doesn’t mean at all that he wants it. In my books, I talk about every step I took to feel blessed. But after that nothing ended. To maintain grace, one must constantly maintain this connection.

why should you learn meditation

1. Relaxation
2. Good for sleep
3. Increases your chakra

Recent Reviewers

It helped me, the books are interesting, cool guy. I understood a lot of things. Practices, spirituality, now all this is present in my life. Practice gods presence!

Rookie Dines


In principle, you can come to all the conclusions yourself, but it saves time. I would have figured it out for 20 years, but in a year I understood all the truths.

Lisa Tornberry


My life has changed. cool explanations. Everything is accessible, understandable and simple. I'm going to read the rest of the books.

Mary Jane


I read the first 4 books. I do this on jogging, or in the morning during breakfast. It changes life, does not take much time. Now God is with me.

Sarah Rosie


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